Pulse Financial Planning is a fee-only financial planning and investment management practice located in Rochester, MN.

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About Matt Elliott, CFP®

Why healthcare professionals? I married one! My beautiful wife is a nurse at Mayo Clinic and dedicates her life to helping others become well. My mission is to serve others that take on the same noble cause so you can focus on what is important: family, patients, and yourself.

This isn’t my first time performing surgery. Before founding Pulse Financial Planning, I worked at Scottrade and TD Ameritrade for 10 years where I was responsible for a practice of over $500 million in assets. I graduated from Winona State University with a bachelor’s degree in Finance and also hold the CFP® certification.

Ultimately I wanted to work in an environment that I could feel good about built around integrity. It’s why I decided to start my own firm, earn the CFP® certification, take a fiduciary oath, and work with clients on a Fee-Only basis. I’ve taken an oath to put the interest of clients ahead of my own and receive compensation only directly from clients. You deserve to know who’s paying me. I’m here to serve nobody but you.

Serving Healthcare Professionals

Our mission is to care for those that care for us. Pulse Financial Planning was founded on these four key principles:


We believe that you shouldn’t have to worry if the financial advice you are getting is in your best interest or not. At Pulse Financial Planning, we’ve taken a fiduciary oath. This means we are committed to always putting your interest ahead of our own (no exceptions, ever).


Sometimes the costs of your investments can be less than transparent. It’s why the only compensation we accept is directly from our clients. That means we never get compensated by any 3rd parties via commission, referral fees, mutual funds, or any other method. We are here to serve nobody but you.


Much like the medical field has designations such as MD and RN, financial services has the CFP® certification. By hiring a CFP®, you know you are working with someone that has financial planning experience, gone through extensive schooling, passed a board exam, and has taken an oath to place the interest of their clients ahead of their own.


We are committed to fitting into your busy schedule. Both virtual and in person meetings are available. We also do not maintain account minimums. This allows you to focus on the things that are most important to you: your family, your profession, and yourself.

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