Investment Management

Fiduciary investment management for individuals with a specialty for healthcare professionals.

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What We Focus On

We’ll work together to build a customized investment portfolio to help you:

Make Wise Investments

We will take care of the investing, so you don’t have to.

Monitor and Rebalance

We will make sure your investments stay on track and in line with your investing strategy.

Reduce Investing Costs

We believe in low cost, passive investment management strategies that keep more of you hard earned money in your pocket.

Simplify Investment Accounts

Have accounts accumulated in several places over the years? We’ll help you organize the ones that make sense in one place.

Who's a Good Fit

You feel like opening accounts, placing trades, and rebalancing your investments is something you’d rather delegate than do yourself.

You want your Investment Advisor to keep the cost of your investments top of mind when constructing your portfolio.

You are looking for a customized portfolio based on your unique situation.

You simply don’t have the time or desire to manage your investment accounts.

Investment Management Cost

Investment management is an optional added service for those that want to delegate the management of their investment accounts. The monthly financial planning subscription is required to enter into investment management.

Asset Tier

Management Fee (AUM)


0% (Included in Financial Planning Fee)


0.75% Annually


0.5% Annually

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